28 JUNE 1975, Page 3

Forgotten victims

Last weekend saw demonstrations in favour, and demonstrations against, Mr James White's Bill designed to amend the Abortion Law Reform Act of 1967; and, in the event, the demonstrations were accompanied by radio and television programmes discussing the merits and demerits of the original Act. What was most noticeable about the behaviour and the arguments of the proponents of the original Act — most of whom favoured the extension of its provisions — was that they stressed the desires and needs of mothers, virtually to the exclusion of the rights and interests of unborn children. There can justifiably be arguments for and against abortion; and for extending or limiting the provisions of the 1967 Act; but it is difficult to consider as other than heartless and unprincipled those who, in their arguments, leave altogether out of account the party to any such proceedings who is most victim of the existing legal provisions.