28 MARCH 1829, Page 13



Mr. Washington Irving's account of the Wars of the Moors in Grenada is to be published in little more than a fortnight.

A dew Edition of Mr. Sadler's work on Ireland will be ready about the same time. Mr.Southey's Dialogues on the Progress and Prospects of Society will appear be- fore Easter.

The Biography of Captain Beaver, a work of a similar mature to the Memoirs of Lord Collingwood, is announced for early publication.

The Pilgrim of Compostella is the name of Mr. Southey's new poem ; and it will be ready in a few days. The story, we are told, is founded on a very curious old Spanish legend. Elements of Natural History, or an introduction to Systematic Zoology, chiefly according to.the Ciassitication of Linn:ens ; with Illustrations of every order, by John Howard Hinton, A.M.

Mr. Mantel', F.R.S. is preparing for publication a Popular Sketch of the Geology of Sussex.

A second edition of Wihnot Warwick is announced ; and also another volume.

Mr. Sharpe, the proprietor of the Anniversary, announces a new ml itelieal at Midsummer next, combining engravings from the thirst works of British art 1 hat can be procured, with contributions from the pens of the most distinguished writers of the day.

The British Preserve ; comprising accurate representations of Animals and Birds peculiarly the object of the Sportsman ; drawn and etched in characteristic style by S. Howitt : with concise and familiar descriptions of the subjects, illustrative of their habits, manners, &e., by Charles Armiger.

Preparing for publication, John Huss, on the Council of Constance, a Poem, ac- companied with historical and descriptive notes.

The Rev. H. J. Todd is preparing for the press, a Life of Archbishop Crammer. The Rev. P. Allward, will shortly publish a Key to the Revelation of St. Join,. A Volume of Parochial Letters from a beneficed Clergyman to his Curate. The Rev. Dr. Walker, of the Scottish Episcopal Church, has a volume of sermons

preparing for publication. The Legend of Einsidlin ; a Tale of Switzerland, and other Poems. By the Rev.. W. Liddiard.

The Rev. Dr. Cresswell, will shortly publish a volume of Sermons on the Domestic Duties.

Ein Deutsehes Lesebuch ; or Lessons in German Literature, being a Collection in Prose and Verse, with Interlinear and other Translations. By J. Rowbotham.

A little Annual, intended as a Reward Book for the young, the contents la' which will be selected, principally front the lust English writers, is to appear on the 1st of June. To be edited by the Rev. J. 1). Parry, M.A. of St. Peter's College, Cambridge BOOKS PUBLISHEI/ DURING THE WEEE. £. s. d.

Schulte's Flowers of Fancy, 8vo. bds. . .II 19 0

Scott on Natural and Revealed Religion, 2d edition, Svc). bCis 1.1 12 (1 Thomson's (Dr. A.) Sermons, Svo. bds. . . . 0 12 0 Brown's Leonarda da Vinci, crown Sm. bds. . . 0 10U Browning's History of the Huguenots, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. . 1 1 0 Index to Blomtield's Glossaries, tiro. sewed . . . 0 3 0 Rind's Groom's Oracle,12mo. bds. . . ,. . 0 7 0

The Village Patriarch, royal 18mo. bds. . . . 0 5 0 Hewlett's Scripture History, 2 vols. 16mo. bds. ISs.; coloured, 11. 7s.

Liugard's England, Vols. XI. and XII. 8vo. bds. . . 1 4 0

Oliver's History of Initiation, 8vo. bds. . . . 0 10 G

Lectures on Freemasonry, 2 vols. Svo. bds. . . 1 1

Ecarte, or the Salons of Paris, 3 vols. post 8vo. bds. . 1 8 14

Higginbottom on Nitrate of Silver, 8vo. bds. . • • 0 7 6 Middleton's Reformers, 3 vols. 18mo. bds. . . .

Wilcock's Laws of Inns, 3.c. 12mo. bds. . . . . 00 1 0 02 0 Phillips's (Sir R.) Tour, Part. II. 8‘To. sewed • 0 3 6 Arnold's (1)r.) Sermons, tivo.bds . • • 0 10 6