28 MARCH 1829, Page 14

EAST INDIA SHIPPING. FRIDAY EVENING. The homeward-bound have had to

contend again with a strong easterly wind, since the beginning cif this week, and are arriving very slowly. The following were the dates appointed for the departure of the remaining Com- pany's ships from China. Dec. 1st, Abercrombie Robinson, and Marquis Huntly; 15th, William Fairlic ; 16th, Reliance, Earl Balcarres, and George IV. ; 2nth, Can- ning, and Maequeen ; 26th, Marquis Camden ; Jan. 4th, Lord Lowther, and Orwell ; 20th, Thomas Contra, and General Harris ; 28th, London ; and Feb. 10th, Castle linntly. The \V. Fairlie and Canning were to touch at the Cape. The first regular ship from Bengal is the Asia, Balderstone, which was to be de- spatched for London direct about the 15th Dec. Considerable interest has been excited in the city this week, by the seizure of the Eliza Jane, from China and Singapore, with her very valuable cargo, for an alleged infraction of the law which secures to the East India Company a monopoly of the direct trade between China and this country. Both ship and cargo have been since released, the stipulations of the Act of Parliament having been proved to have been strictly complied with, by the discharge and re-shipment of the cargo at Singapore. Arrived.-Off the Wight, March 21st, Camden, Terry, from the Alauritins. Off

Weymouth, 22d, H. C. S. Edinburgh, 13ax ; and off Dartmouth, H. C. S. Sir David Scott, AlcTaggart, both from China, the latter sailed 2otli Nov. Off Plymouth, 24th, Orynthia, Bison, from Batavia, sailed 4th Dec ; Mary, Dobson, from Bengal ; 25th, Boddington, Taylor, from New south NVales 2d Sept.; and Wanstead, Lang. don, front Van Diemen's Land 12th Oct. Off Falmouth, 23d, Elizabeth, Pell; and Tyne, Brown, from the Mauritius. Off Penzance, 24th, Atalanta, Johnson, from Mauritius. At Liverpool, 21st, Othello, Thompson, from Bengal, sailed I lith Sept.; and Welcome, Buchannan. from Mauritius 21st Dec. At Greenock, 20th, Crown, Baird, from Bombay. Off Canary Islands, Jan. 12th, Mellish, Vincent, for New South Wales ; and 20th, H. AL S. Criii zer, for India. At Bahir, Jan. 25th, Mary, Guy, front St. Helena ; and 26th, Coventry, Purdie, from the Cape. At Rio Janeiro, Jan. 1st. Pyramus, Elder, for New South Wales. At St. Helena, Thames, Bugg, front Bengal. At the cape, Dec. 28th, George and Mary, Roberts, from the Clyde; 30th, Stentor, Fairweather, from Ceylon ; Jan. 10th. Frances Charlotte,Talbot, from London. At the Mauritius, Nov. 29th, Packet, APArthur ; Dec. 5th, Elizabeth, Cook, and Vesper, Brown ; 19th, John Reyes, Worthington; 20th, Coatham, Dur- ward; and 21st, Children, Parry, all from Calcutta: Nov. 30th, Ann, Fowler ; and Dec. 3d, Unity, Johnson, from Liverpool : Nov. 30th, Samuel Brown, Reed; and Dec. 5th, Africa, Skelton, from London : I ice, 2d, Mary Munro, front Gibraltar : anti 12th, Strenshall, Dunning, from Bordeaux. At Bombay, Nov. 5th, Bolton, Clarkson, from London. At Calcutta, Nov. 3d. Columbia, Kirkwood ; and 5th, Duke of Lancastor, Iliumay, from Liverpool. At Batavia, Nov. 22d, Woodford, Chapman ; and in, Bussorah. Merchant, Baigrie, from -London mul New South Wales. At Van Diemen's Land, Aug. lOth, Bengal Merchant, Duthie; Sept. 24th, Magnet, Johnstop , Oct. 2d, Dart, 'free ; 5th, Prince George, Andrew ; 6th Coronet, Daniel; and 8th, Borneo, Whichelo, all from Louden: Aug. 20, Mary, Turcan, from Leith ; and Sept. 13th, Colombia, Wilson, from Clyde. At New South Wales, sem. 16th, Countess Harcourt, Harrison ; and Britannia, Blair ; and Oct. 2d, W. Silica, Sampson, all from London.

Sullen. From .Gravesend, March 22d, Rose, Nichols, for the Cape; and 23d, Faith, Willett, for New South Wales. From Liverpool, March 22d, Eagle, Batty, for the Cape , and 2.Stl, Amethyst, Carthard, for New Smith Wales. Spoken. Lord. Hungerford, 20th Oct. 7 south, OD east ; Lady Flora, 2d Nov. 19 south, 74 east; and Mary Anne, O'Brien, 12th Feb. 4 north, 22 west ; all front London to Bengal. John Goodall, Liverpool to Mauritius, 5th Feb. 32 north, 36 west. Columbine, Lotaton to Vew South Wales, fith Feb. I. north, 22 west. Baltic, gamin%) to Bataxia, 16th Jan. ;ix mull?, 29 west. Guardian, London to Penang, 31st Jan. 1 north, 20 west. Claudine, 11th Feb. on the Line. William, Young, 10th Feb

lat. 5, long. 22; and Euphrates, 4th March, 50 north, 17 west, all from Bengal to London. Circassian, Madras to London, 22d Feb. 32 north, 36 west. City of Aberdeen, Bengal to Clyde, 22d Feb. 25 north, Sti west. Lord Melville, Maailla to London, 7th March, 42 north, 20 west. Lycurgus and Adrian, from Mauritius to London ; the former 11th Jan. off St. Helena, the latter 2d Feb. 13 north, 33 west. Lady Rallies, Bombay to London, 14th Jan. 5 south, 17th west.

SATURDAY HORNING. Arrived.-Off Dartmouth, March 26, Thames, Warming, from Singapore. Off Plymouth, March 26, Chatham, Bragg, from Bombay. Off Penzance, March 26, Osiris, from the Cape ; and Euphrates, Buckam, from Bengal. Off Cape Clear, Noormahal, from Manilla. Off Scilly, Ceres, Warren, from Bombay. At Van Diemen's Land, Margaret, Boyd, from Leith.

The Braddock, Wyngates, from Bengal to Liverpool, was abandoned 21st Jan. in lat. 3 north., Ion. 25 west., with six feet water in her hold.