28 MARCH 1829, Page 14


Tuesday, March 24.


T. Hollands and J. Meek, Stourbridge, Worcestershire, butchers-S. W. Faxon and J. Thorn, Piccadilly, surgeons-Parker and Wyatts, Bankside, Southwark, Ro- man-cement-manufacturers-W. Menne' and W. Swales, Leeds, grocers-W. Dean and E. Chartier, St. Agnes-terrace, Tabernacle-walk, Old-street-road, braid and trimming-manufacturers-M. and AL Ball, Torquay, Devonshire, drapers-W., H., and J. M'Clure, Manchester, fustian-manufacturers ; as far as regards J. M'Cltare- W. Preston and Co. Liverpool, distillers ; as far as regards W. Preston and G. Max- well-G. Hutton and T. Wallace, Brick-lane, St. Luke's, and Little Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, curriers-Horsfall and Blackburn, Liverpool, coal-dealers-J. Gam- ble and Co. Quorndon, Leicestershire, millers-W. and J. Anderson and W. Tait, Leeds, drapers-T. and J. Woolfield, Liverpool, jewellers-Jones and Hughes, Mont- gomery, attornies-A. Campion and C. Watkins Henrietta-street, Covent-garden, billiard-table-makers-G. Henty, L. Upperton, J. Henty, and R. upperton, Wor- thing, Arundel, and Steyning, bankers ; as far as regards J. Henty-T. Forbes and T. Morris, Itlanchester, plumbers-Spence and Shutt, Three Colt-street, Limehouse, plumbers-Thomas and Williamson, Lathan', Lancashire, iron liquor-manufacturers -W. Pawson and T. Lewis, Chichester-place, Gray's-inn-road, furniture-brokers- S., IV., and T. P. 13roadlield, Birmingham, boat-builders ; as far as regards T. B. Broadfield-Cam and finks, Sheffield, merchants-R. Pink, Moor-street, Bryan- stone-square, and G.Ditke, Harrow-road, Paddington, bricklayers-Deverell, Home, and Wood, Old-change, calico-printers ; as far as regards J. P. Wood-Durrant and Co. Portsea, ironmongers-Innes and Noverre, London, ship-brokers-Ingrey and Madeley, Strand, lithographic printers-Hunt, III'Dermott, and Co. Liverpool, mer- chants-C. Cobham and E. T. Alfrey, Ware, Hertfordshire, millers-Miller, Fergus. son, and Co. Glasgow, and Kingston, Jamaica ; as far as regards J. Sillier, semi.


JOHN FRIEND, Bristol, rnaltster. DANICRUPTS•

Jnrt3; HENDERSON, Lawrence Pountney-lane, drysalter, to surrender March 27, April 10, Slay 5, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street : solicitors; Messrs. At- kins and Davis, Fox Ordinary-court, Nicholas-lane.

JEREMIAH JAMEs, Corty-bella.colliery, MoOmouthshire, coal-merchant, March 27, April 10, May 5, at the Bankrupts' Court, Wasinghall-street : solicitor, Mr. Wil- son, Great Suffolk-street, Borough.

Jon?: E '

A3IES St. Cleffient's, Strand, coach-master, March 27, April 7, May 5, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street : solicitors, Messrs. Stevens, Wood, and Wilkinson, Ltttle St. Thomas Apostle. WILLIAM BURNS, Cornhill, woollen-draper, March 27, April 7, May 5 at the Bank- rupts' Court, Basinghall-street : solicitor, Mr. Burt, Mitre-court. Milk-street. WiLLIAM Bosrox, Mare-street, Hackney, whitesmith, Mardi 31, April 7, May 5, at the Bankrupts' Court,Basinghall-street : solicitor, Mr. Nukes, Southampton-street, Bloomsbury. WILLIAM MARSU GREENUP, Strand, commission-merchant, March 27, April 7, Slay 5, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street: solicitor, Mr. Walker, Hatton- garden.

CF1ARLE5 ALLEN FETTITT, Golden-square, carpenter, March 27, April 7, May 5, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street : solicitor, Mr. Flower, Austinfriars. ,TuomAs Wicoos, Jo um DEARDEN, and GEoRGE HoyLAND, Sheffield, tile- manufacturers, March 28, 30, May 5, at the George Inn, Sheffield • solicitor, Mr. Duncan, Holborn-court, Gray's-inn.

HENRY HOLUOROIV, Oldbury-on-the-Hill, Gloucestershire, mealman,AprilS, 9, May 5, at the White Hart Inn, Chippenham: solicitor, Alr:Pinniger, Gray's-inn. square.

GEoa GE WHITE, Houghton, Shropshire, seedsman, April 24, 25, May 5, at Wills ton's cross, Altrington: solicitor, Mr. Williamson, Gray's-inn-square.

WILLIAM Howsox, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, grocer. April 7, 8, May 5, at the Castle Hotel, Newcastle-under-Lyme: solicitor, Mr. Barber, Fetter-lane,

Jonx WINNALL, 'Woundwall, Shropshire, maltster, April 21, 22, May 5, at the Hand and Bottle Inn, Bridgnurth : solicitors, Messrs. Philpot and Stone, Southamp- ton-street, Bloomsbury.

RonsiRT By Elms, Liverpool, chemist, March 31, April 7, May 5, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street : solicitors, Messrs. Birch and Garth, Great Winchester. street, Broad-street.

JA3IES HINTox, Hinckley, Leicestershire, victualler, March 30, 31, May 5, at the King's Read Inn, Coventry:. solicitor, Mr. Nicholls, Stamford-street, Blackfriars. SoLoMON CoCKER, Witton,.Lancashire, cotton-manufacturer, April 7,8, May 5, at the Bridge Inn, Bolton-le-Moors : solicitors, Messrs. Milne and Parry, Temple. EDwA ft D GLOVER, St. Helen's, Lancashire, painter, April 7,8, May 5, at the Cla- rendon Rooms, Liverpool: solicitor, Sir. Chester, Staple-inn. JOHN JA3IES CLARE, Liverpool, grocer, April 14, 15, May 5, at the Clarendon Rooms, Liverpool: solicitors, Messrs. Norris, Allen, and Anthony, Bedford-row. WALTER and JOHN WEIR Bone-hill, Staffordshire, calico-printers, April 6,8, May5, at the White Bear InnAlancliester : solicitors, Messrs. Perkins, and Framp- ton, Gray's-inn-square.

Joust BOULCOTT, Worcester, glove-manufacturer, April 1,2, May5, at the Golden Lion Inn, Worcester : solicitor, Mr. White, Old-square, Lincoln's-inn. JosEPII WILLIAMS and GEORGE GLOVER, Fenchurch-street, wholesale coffee- dealers, March 31, April 7, May 5, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street : soli- citors, Messrs. Young and Vallings, St. Mildred's-court, Poultry.

JOHN FRAsE a, Leamington-Priors, Warwickshire, builder, April 7,8, May .5, at the office of Mr. Haynes, Warwick : solicitors, Messrs. Sharpe and Field, Bread- street, Cheapside. DOUGLAs SKELTON, Redruth, Cornwall, money-scrivener, April 6, 7, May 5, at the White Hart inn, Andover : solicitor, Mr. Bousfield, Chatham-place, Blackfriars. DIVIDENDS.

April 15, W. Bissix, R. Sloper, jun. and C. Bissix, Bristol, vinegar-makers-April 24, J. Bury, Manchester, J. Bury, Pendlehill, and T. Bury, Bucklersbury, calico- printers-May 13, W. Morgan, Bristol, victualler-April 15, W. Jotham, Bradford, IViltshire, clothier-April 30, S. Lawrence, Cheltenham, grocer-May 7, B. Fryer, Bristol, mahogany-dealer-April. 14, r. NVilliamson, Sutton-in-Holderness, York- shire, common-brewer-April 14, .1. Holland, Distaff-lane, wine-merchant-April 14, W. Nelson, Broad-street, Golden-square, oil and colourman-April 3; G. Burgiss, Eton, Buckinghamshire, currier-April 3, R. Townend, jun. Aldermanbury, mer- chant-April 14, J. Wilkinson, Castle-street, Holborn, working-jeweller-April 3, 'f. W. Williamson and F.. Jones, Packer's-court, Coleman-street, merchants-April 21, J. Buck, Norwich, builder-April 15, P. B. Edwards, Tanyralt, Carnarvonshire, merchant-April 18, S. Newsome, Batley, Yorkshire woollen-tnanufacturer-April

28, T. Hampton and E. Hooper, Rhayader, Radnorshire, bankers. CERTIFICATES

To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before April 14. J. C. Forsyth, Milk-street, silk-manufacturer-R. Spitler, Lansdowne-mews, Guilford-street, stone-mason-W. Ford, Black Prince-row, Walworth, linen-draper -J. H. Arthur, Garlick-hill, Queenhithe, stationer-J. Y. Oliver, Cambridge, jew- eller-E. Gibbs, Theobald's-road, Red Lion-square, corn-chamUer-T. and E. Bur- den, Stourbridge, Worcestershire, drapers.

Friday, March 27. PARTNERSHIPS DI SSoLVED. C. Brown and J. F. Reeves, Glastonbury, Wells, and Shepton-Mallett, Somerset.. shire, bankers-T. Gladstone, 1'. Snook, and T. Tempest, Mill-wall, Poplar, sinip. wrights-H. and T. H. Rowswell, Yeovil, Somersetshire, tailors-A. and W. Ackers, Blaekrod, Lancashire, stone-merchants-B. and W. Taylor, 31anche4er cablaet-Matreis-M. C. Harriion and J. Heine, Deptford, chemists-W., J., audit. Toplis, Shelton. Staffordshire, potters—Edward Beckwith and Co. Liverpool—J. Sharp and R. Terry, Carey-street, Ghancery-lane, hairdressers—J. Lindsay and Co. Preston and Westmoreland, coal-merchants—Finglass and Robins, Bath, grocers— W. Ainsworth and Co. Blackburn, cotton-manufacturers—S., A., and E. Robinson, Balton, Lancashire, cotton-spinners, as far as regards E. Robinssn—W. B. Roberts and J. Whitlow, Cheapside, shawl-warehousemen—J. and J. JohnstOn, Whitechapel- road, saddlers—J. Burgess and H. Amalric, Manchester, surgeon and druggist— Etheridge and Co. Norwich, goldsmiths—D. and M. Henshall, farmers—E. and W. Johnson, Lockstock-Gralam, Cheshire, tanners—Buckley and Hall, Chester, wine- rierchants—C. A. and C. A. Ferguson, Mill-wall, Poplar, mast-makers.


HENRY ALI•COCK, Threadneedle-street, tavern-keeper, to surrender April 10, 21, May 8, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street solicitor. Mr. Dicas, AustintiLiars. Trio alas BANNisTE a, John-street, Tottenham-court-road, goldsmith, April a, io, may 8, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street : solicitor, Mr. Chippeudall, Ca- vestry. street, Haymarket. joHN COCKslIOTT, Warrington, JOSEPH GREE.M, Manchester, and RICHARD SWARBRICK, bee, Lancashire' cotton-manufacturers, April 10, II, at the George Inn, Warrington, May 8, at the Star Inn, Manchester :solicitors, Messrs. Adlington, Gregory, and Faulkner, Bedford-row.

FRANCIS ARNITT, Thirsk, Yorkshire, draper, April 21, 22, May 8, at the Royal Betel, Manchester : solicitors, Messrs. Makinson and Sanders, Temple. TH0MAS WYNN WINGATE, Bath, dealer, April 13, 14, May 8, at the Christopher Inn, Bath : solicitors, Messrs. Williams and Bethell, Lincoln's-Inn-fields. THOMAS AMMILETT, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, baker, April 24, 25, May 8, at the Hop Market Inn, Worcester : solicitor, Mr. Gregory, Clerc ent's-Inn. J 011X HEART, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, money-scrivener, April 9, 10, May 8, at the Bear Inn, Southtown, next Great Yarmouth: solicitors, Messrs. White and Buffett, Great St. Helen's. JOSEPH and WILLIAM ARMITAGE, and Samuel Standish, Sheffield, manufac- turers of Britannia metal goods, April 2,3, May 8, at the offices of Mr. Palfreyman, Sheffield: solicitor, Mr. Tattershall, Garden-court, Temple. ' JA3IES WHEELEE and i.VILLIA31 JOHN ADAMs, May's-building's, St. Martin's. lane, drapers, April 3, 10, May 8, at the Baukrupts'-court, Basinghall-street : soli- citor, Mr. Tanner, New Basinghall-street. WILLIAM HENRY SPAREES, Godalming, paper-maker, April 3, 10, May 8, at the Bankrupts'. court, Basingliall-street solicitor, Sir. Browne, Jewin-crescent, A Idersgate-street. Tiro mAs GAMSON, Mark-lane, corn-factor, April 3, 10, May 8, at the Bankrupts'- court, Basinghallstreet: solicitor, Mr. Swinford, Murk.-lane. •

JAME% MITCHELL, Old Cavendish-street, Cavendish-square, tailor, April 3, 10, Slay 8, at the Bankrupts'-court, Basinghall-street: solicitor, Mi. Mayhew, Carey. street, Lincoln's-inn-helds.


April 24, .1. Dyson, Dry Clongh, Yorkshire, merchant—April 7, W. Watson, Melina-place, Surrey, brewer—April 24, J. Cottrell, Pangbourn, Berkshire. inn- keeper—April 23, J. Ritson, Caldewgate, Cumberland, innkeeper—April 21,2. Chit- tenden, Dover, chemist—May I, T. Smith and T. Hall, Wood-street, Gheapside, warehousemen—April IS, J. Wells, Kenningliall, Norfolk, general shopkeeper— April 21, T. Checkley, Warwick, hosier—April 29, E. and W. Duncan, Brecon and Merthyr Tidtil, Glatnorganshire, mercers—April 22, D. Stones and T. Ashworth, York, turners—April 21, W. Phillips, Chepstow, coal-merchant.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before April 17.

J. Wilkinson, Barge-yard, Bucklersbury, merchant—R. Hoskins. Manchester, merchant—A. M. Rose, Stock Exchange, and Hertford-place, New Haggerstone, Middlesex, coal-merchant.