28 MARCH 1896, Page 15

[To THZ EDITOR OP THE • SPECTATOR:9 SIE,—The following cat-story

may be of interest. I was in the habit a few years ago of visiting a certain cottage in this parish, where the front-door, having fallen a little out of the perpendicular, swung open of its own weight directly the latch was released. The fastening was one of the ordinary thumb-latches. While one day talking to the inmates, I observed a slight rattling at the latch, and presently the door swung back and a cat dropped from the handle on to the floor. The people paid little attention, being quite accustomed to this mode of entry by their domestic pet. The cat was in the habit of jumping up to the handle outside, and fidgeting the thumb-plate, which, being in poor repair, was very easily released. How it learnt the trick I could not ascertain, but I suspect it began by taking refuge there from a pursuing dog.