28 MARCH 1896, Page 16


Is Canada loyal? Who dares to ask ? Are your Colonist's veins Ducts for some colourless fluid, or red with the blood that stains The bosom of all the earth from Plassey to Krugersdorp- Plains ?

Blood that is hot from the North, fresh with the salt of the sea, Strong with the strength of sires who have never been aught but free, True with the truth of those whose creed has leen Loyalty.

We who have won you a world from the Pole to the Boundary Line, Through the Land of Lakes from the East to the land of the Douglas pine Hewing our road with the axe; winning our wealth in the mine.

Have we seemed to forget? Here where the furthermost fleet Rides on the self-same wave that rolls to the Russian's feet, Named in the name of the Queen is the town where our Parliaments meet.

God! how we love you still! Do you think in the hours of gloom There comes no whisper of Home ? Look where our dead find room !

Are those native flowers that you find, Thistle and Rose and Broom ?

Those who have stayed may not hear the beat of their hearts in the crowd ; We of the Prairies bear and are not to be bought or cowed; British in Britain's van, have we no right to be proud?

War? We would rather Peace; but Mother if fight yott must There be none of your sons on whom you can lean with a surer trust.

Bone of your bone are we, and in death would be dust of Victoria, Vancouver's Island.