28 MARCH 1896, Page 2

The reports from South Africa are all bad. Some of

the defeated Matabele, taking advantage of the withdrawal of the armed police through Dr. Jameson's foolish raid, have risen in two districts, have murdered the whites, including Mr. Bentley, the "Native Commissioner," and have compelled Mr. Selma to take refuge in Buluwayo. That example, he implies, may spread unless energetic action is taken, which will, of course, be the case. A telegram is also published in the Times declaring that President Kruger is not coming to London, that he has made some agreement with President Steyn of the Orange River Republic, that the Boers in both States are arming, and that it is intended to demand that the independence of both shall be guaranteed by Powers other than Great Britain. It is added that the Afrikander Band approve this demand. We have never expected Mr. Kruger to come here, but we do not believe this sensational account. It is not forwarded by the agent of the Times, though the Times publishes and expatiates on it, and it is, we imagine, the production of a capitalist clique which is determined that Mr. Chamberlain shall intervene by force in the Transvaal. We distrust also the detailed rumour in the Daily Chronicle as to the purchase of Delagoa Bay by Great Britain for £5,000,000. We shall buy the coast doubtless in the end, but we can wait very well, unless, indeed, the ,Government has information that Messrs. Kruger and Steyn are arming in order to seize the Portuguese harbours—which is just

c inceivable.