28 MARCH 1896, Page 22


The Saga Book of Lunde. By Jessie M. E. Saxby. (Nisbet and Co.)—We venture to think that the prologue is too long. The plan of the book is to give sundry stories of the Shetlands. These stories, nine in number, are good; as, indeed, what Miss Saxby writes about the Shetland folk, and the land in which they live, is sure to be. But nearly a fourth of the volume is occupied in the preliminary account of how the stories came to be told and listened to. When they are reached, they are, as we have said, worth reading. Especially good is "Ice-Bound," in which the little daughter of the missing doctor plays the game which signifies to her her great hope. She imprisons little crabs in structures of sand on the sea-shore, not to keep them, but in the hope of seeing them escape. Each one that escapes represents to her the father who will escape, she believes, from his Arctic prison.