28 MARCH 1896, Page 23

The Wizard King. By David Ker. (W. and R. Chambers.)—

This" story of the last Moslem invasion of Europe" is done with plenty of spirit. The "Wizard King" is John Sobieski. He plays his part with much energy in Mr. Ker's pages So do his associates. And fighting, hairbreadth escapes, and all the properties of an exciting story, are combined skilfully by Mr. Ker's practised hand. Nor are picturesque little details omitted, the routing, for instance, of the Turkish assault on Vienna by the discharging at the attacking force ef a hive of bees. Fire and steel these hardy and fanatical barbarians did not heed, but the bees they could not stand. They fled before them as the Canaanitea before the hornet.—From the same publishers we have received a second edition of a capital story, full of humour and pathos, Don, by the author of "Diddle," &c.