28 MARCH 1896, Page 23

The Ladies' Juggernaut, By A. C. Gunter. (Routledge.)—We must confess

with sorrow that Mr. Gunter has fallen considerably in our estimation ; there is little in this rather amusing and very vulgar romance to remind the reader of the author of "Mr. Barnes of New York" but an occasional use of the historic present. It is smart in places, but wofully trashy, and the senti- mental reflections and sighs of the heroine are silly and sickly to a degree almost nauseous. The conclusion is of the nature of a farce, and perhaps we ought to regard the whole story as such. Bat it is a pity that Mr. Gunter should descend to this stuff ; it is not everybody who can write it, we admit, but, all the sem- our author might leave it for somebody else to do.