28 MARCH 1896, Page 24

Voyages and Travels of Lord Brassey, K.C.B., D.O.E., from 1862

to 1894. Arranged and edited by Captain S. Eardley-Wilmot. 2 vols. (Longmans and Co.)—The 'Sunbeam' has become a house- hold word in all English speaking countries, owing to the late Lady Brassey's delightful work. In the two volumes before us, we have Lord Brassey's account of his impressions of the various countries which he has visited during various journeys, many of which were undertaken in the Sunbeam.' These reminis- cences partly consist of reprints from lectures and magazine articles, and partly of extracts from journals and log-books. Several of these journeys were undertaken with special objects ; the last being made officially, in connection with the Opium Commission. But wherever he went, Lord Brassey kept his eyes open to the state of the countries he visited, and to any public improvements or alterations which he thought desirable, especially as affecting England and her relations with her colonies and dependencies ; and his observations on Navigation, Imperial Federation, Land Tenure, Colonial Defence, the Indian Army, and a great variety of other matters, will be read with much interest and instruction by all those who take an intelligent interest in such subjects. Here and there we notice a slight oversight, perhaps in correcting a proof, as where (on p. 197) the cost of production of sugar in the West Indies is said to have been brought down from .210 (.616 or £19?) ta £12 per ton ; but such inaccuracies are rare. The book is illustrated by several maps, showing clearly the routes taken. The friendly feeling exhibited towards England in every ccuntry visited by the travellers, is not the least remarkable and satisfactory feature of this interesting book.