28 MARCH 1896, Page 24

With the Yacht, Camera, and Cycle in the Mediterranean. By

the Earl of Cavan, K.P. (Sampson Low, Marston, and Co.)—In November, 1894, the Earl of Cavan, accompanied by his daughter, and three other young ladies, left London for a few months' cruise in the Mediterranean, visiting successively various places of interest in Southern Spain, Algeria, Tunis, Sicily, Greece and Italy. The small volume before us contains a short but pleasantly-written account of the cruise, and is illustrated with nearly one hundred photographs, taken by Miss Holdsworth, one of the party, and printed by the London Stereoscopic Company. The object of the Earl, who is himself an experienced yachtsman, has been firstly to supply a series of photographs which will give some idea of the appearance of the ports, &c., to an approaching visitor; to indicate some of the principal objects of interest in each locality, and to furnish information, supplementary to that contained in the ordinary guide-books and manuals, which will be serviceable to yachtsmen and cyclists. There is no doubt that intending visitors to the countries described might derive many useful hints from this work, the small size of which renders it sufficiently portable to be used as a companion to the guide books. The illustrations are excellent ; and we observe with pleasure that the author hopes to follow up the present volume with others at a later date, illustrating parts of the Mediterranean not visited during his last cruise.