28 MARCH 1896, Page 25

A Selection of Passages from Plato for English Readers. From

the translation by B. Jowett, MA. Edited, with introductions, by M. J. Knight. 2 vols. (Clarendon Press.)—Mr. Knight undertook this task of selection at the request of the late Master of Balliol. "The Master himself helped to choose the passages for insertion, and the larger portion of the MS. was submitted to him before his death." I preface, contributed to an earlier selection (that of Mr. Parves), has been, at the writer's desire, employed for this. A brief Life of Plato and a sketch of Greek history during the period covered by the philosopher's life (432-348 B.C.), have been added. The first volume contains ex- tracts from twenty-one of the shorter Dialogues, &c. (the Apology and the Crito are given in full). The second is devoted to the Republic and the Laws, the Timaeus and the Critias (the latter

at full length) being put between them. The editor prefixes tc. each Dialogue a brief introduction explanatory of its object.