28 MARCH 1896, Page 25

The Coming of Theodora. By Eliza Orne White. (Smith and

Elder.)—Theodora is one of those admirable people, often, it is ead to say, as mischievous as they are admirable, who have a passion for setting everybody and everything right. Theodora Davidson comes back to her brother's home, a welcome guest. She is affectionate, zealous, conscientious in the highest degree, but she drives everybody in that easy-going household—the brother and his wife are both artists—to the verge of madness. Then there is a love-affair. One of the ministers of the place, a widower, woos her for his second wife, but the minister's little daughter strongly objects, and Theodora, who in her own girl- hood had passionately denounced her father's second marriage, even to the extent of a final separation frail him, finds, so to speak, her own "curses coming home to roost." This is an effective story.