28 MAY 1892, Page 26

She Loved a Sailor. By Amelia E. Barr. (Clarke and

Co.)— The loves of Virginia Mason (who is much misrepresented by the "simpering Miss" on the cover) and Captain Bradford make a pleasant story. The Captain, it is true, disappears for a time, but the intelligent reader does not give up hope, is, on the con- trary, quite persuaded that he will turn up again when he is absolutely wanted. But the main interest of Miss Barr's book is to be found in another couple, in Jane Ketelton and Nigel Forfar, a Southern planter. The tale belongs to pre-Civil War times. There is power about this part of the book, but it cannot be called pleasant, and we are somewhat inclined to resent being drawn into it under what may be called false pretences. The tragedy of Nigel's life and death are certainly quite unlike anything that might be expected from the title of the volume.