28 MAY 1948, Page 23


[A Book Token for one guinea will be awarded to the sender of the first correct solution of this week's crossword to be opened after noon on Tuesday week June 8th. Envelopes must be received not later than first post that day and must bear the word "Crossword," the NUMBER of the puzzle and a 21d. stamp. Solutions must he on the form below, and none can be accepted from the U.S.A. The solution and the name of the winner will be published in the following issue.)


1. A fisherman, no doubt, would be glad to get into this state. (3, 6.) 5. Nearly all the string. (5.) 8. At a stretch it has, so to speak, verbal signficance. (5.) 9. Idle beams (anag.). (9.) 11. No doubt the pangs of despisid love are. (9.) 12. Made harmonious. (5.) 13. Whereabouts of a poetic rift. (4.) 14. " Single in the field," perhaps, but not "Yon solitary Highland lass." 18. The applicant is frank enough to start with. (9.) 21. Working fish. (4.) 23. The faster the bowling the more, probably, there are-of both sorts. 25. By deduction how Yorick carried Hamlet. (9.) 27. Telescoped insurance agent on the attack. (9.) 28. "Wings and no eyes figure unheedy -" (Shakespeare). (5.) 29. It should make a lot, eh ? (5.) 30. Sell it, sap, to yield a return. (9.)


1. Not a Companion of Honour. (5.) 2. Succeed but can't get on. (Se.) 3. They are foreshadowed. (6.) 4. Hush, a bit of verse is unfinished.

5. Went into dead heats. (8.) 6. He gets on after nine or eleven. (5.) 7. Self-appointed Prince of Wales. (9.) 10. He is found in both Asia and Africa. 13. The calling of Mr. Varden. (9.) 15. "Thou owest the worm no silk, the beast no hide, the sheep no wool, the - no perfume" (Shake- speare). (3.) 16. At this one might hear earls trying it on. (9.) 17. He was infirm and old. (8.) 19. Politician in drink, and plenty of it.

20. Rouses. (7.) 22. She was supplanted by Esther. (6.) 24. Inserted without colour. (5.) 26. When the ship capsizes they look smooth. (5.)