28 NOVEMBER 1903, Page 25

21 Woman's Walks. By Lady Colin Campbell. (Eveleigh Nash. Os.

net.)—This volume is a reprint of papers which have appeared in the World from time to time during the last fourteen years. The contents are about equally divided between the foreign and the domestic. The author wanders about in Italy, France, Switzerland, and Hungary ; and in various parts of England, both town and country. She has a certain gift for observing and describing,. and we have no adverse criticism to make on her papers, except. it be to remark that if Homer had chosen to use a very famous. phrasein the nominative, he would not have written woAvepAoialliota OciAacraa, for ow stands for ou, and ou would be the feminine as well as the masculine. But it must be allowed that it is a cruelly deceptive form.