28 OCTOBER 1837, Page 16



A Residence in Greece and Turkey ; with Notes of the Journey through Bulgaria, Survis, Hungary. and the Balkan. By Francis Berle, Esq. Illustrated by tinted lithographic Engravings, from Drawings by the Author. In 2 vols.

ffhietaker mid Co.

CormartzAvtore, The British Colonization of Mew Zealand; being an Account of the Principles, Objects, and Plans of the New Zealand Association; together with particulars con- cerning the Position. Extent, Soil and Climate, N mural Productions, and Native

• Inhabitants of New Zealand. With Charts and Illustrations Parker.

Farm:moot', The Philosophy of Health; or an Exposition of the Physical and Mental Constitu. lion of Mau, with a View to thr Promotion of Human Longevity and Happiness.

By Southwood Smith, M.D. 84c. Sm. Vol. II Knight.