28 OCTOBER 1837, Page 20

The Forget Me Not maintains its character for the variety

and re- spectability of its pictorial attractions ; which are nicely engraved. It gives us one of LAWRENCE'S grand ladies with an air of assumption, one of PROUT'S picturesque architectural scenes, a poetical composition or two, and several painter's beauties. The plate that caught our fancy most is a scene in Venice at carnival time, with two maskers handing a fair dame into a gondola steered by a third : the picture has a look of reality, that shows the artist knows how to subdue his skill to the quality of nature, and let his merits be perceived through the medium of troth alone : his name is WERNER, but his style is not so peculiar in the print as to give us a clue to his school.

Friendship's Offering boasts of the names of CHALON among its pic- torial contributors ; but the group of the Misses Beauclerc (one of whom is a very Glumdalclitch in stature) is not worthy of the painter of Queen Victoria. JOHN WOOD'S portrait of Miss Sheridan, and a variety of pretty faces, or faces meant to be pretty, by Miss CORBAUX, RICHTER, and others, compose the " designs ;" and an effective scene of an Italian lake seen through an arch, by STANFIELD, is the solitary view.