28 OCTOBER 1837, Page 5

A correspondent of the Standard, replying to a statement of

the MU that the Archbishop of York had given a sinecure in Carlisle A correspondent of the Standard, replying to a statement of the MU that the Archbishop of York had given a sinecure in Carlisle

Chapel to his son Mr. Harcourt, although it was understood that such appointments were not to be filled up, says-

" The Report of the Commissioners recommends that in future there shall be no more than a Dean and four Canons in all cathedrals, and that tio vacancies be filled up till the Chapter is reduced to that number ; and an act has been passed to suspend the appointments in all cases recommended by the Commis- sioners. But in Carlisle, and three or four more cathedrals, the original number of Canons did not exceed fur. In these, therefore, the vacancies would of course he tilled up as they became vacant. It was, therefore, not contrary to the recommendation of the Commissioners' Report, or to the Sus- pension Act, to keep the four Prebendal Stalls at Carlisle full, that being the appointed uumber in future for all cathedrals. If there had been a vacancy in soy cathedral haviug more than four Canons, that vacanny could not have been filed up."

Mr. Noel Thomas Ellison, Rector of Huntspill, has written a letter to the Chronicle, complaining of the insinuation that he had given a statement of the income of his preferment below the real value. Mr. EllioMisays—" In the face of God and man I declare, that, the net receipts of the tithes and glebe of Huntspill Rectory, for the' years ending Michaelmas 1S31, fell short of, rather than exceeded, Cni. per annum ;" bat he does not state the cause of the extraordinary rise iii their value since that time.

Dr. Southey appeared in the Court-house at Cockertnouth on Tues- day week, and subscribed the oaths of allegiance, abjuration, tke. His appearance excited much interest ; and the earliest style in which he premised to abjure the discarded " damnable and heretical doctrines" of Papacy had something bordering on the ludicrous in it. Mr. Southey's hair is now nearly gray, but still very thick, and is matted over Isis forehead. His features are sharp, with an eye peculiarly bright and piercing.— Whilehavea Herald.

The Liverpool Telegraph says that the Reverend Mr. M'Neile, one

of the No- Popery agitators in Liverpool, has quarrelled with Rector Campbell, and denounced the Tories.

It is stated that the Honourable and Reverend Mr. Cavendish, the curate of Sr. James's, London, and brother to Lord Wateipark, will be presented to the living of Staveley, now become vucant by the death of the incumbent.—Derby Mercury. By the report of the Accountant of the Bristol Charity Trustees; the Corporation are indebted to Queen Elizabeth's Hospital in the enormous sum, principal and interest, of 240,669/. Of this sum the

unpaid interest is LS8,653/. If this statement be correct, the whole Property of the Corporation is insufficient for its liquidation.—Bath Gazette.

The young ladies of Lincoln have formed a Teetotal Society, one of the rules of which is that members shall declare, on joining the body, that they will not marry any ye-slag man who will not take the teetotal, Or total abstinence pledge.—Li.,.•4nshire Chronicle.