28 OCTOBER 1837, Page 4

According to the Liverpool Times, the gain of the Reformers

in that town by the last registration is very small, the large number of the con- stituency being taken into account. The Liverpool Telegraph, as quoted last week, stated that 369 of the old freemen had been struck off the register ; but it would seem that nearly the same number had been put on. The Liverpool Times says-

" We have received two accounts of the result of the revision of the free- men's votes, one from a Reform authority, the other from a Conservative. Ac- cording to the Reform account, the number of freemen on this years's re- gister is 3,172; which deducted from 3,197, said (on the same authority) to have been the number last year, gives a decrease of 25 votes. According to the Conservative authority, the number of freemen last year was 3,174, and the number this 3,182; giving an increase of 8 votes. These results agree eo nearly, that we may set it Own that there is no change of any consequence in

this part of the constituency. Before this year's fiat was purged by the Revhs- jeg Barristerr there were upon it the names of 3,580 old burgesses, of which about 400 have been struck off. The general result is, that neither party has gained any additional strength amongst the old constituency. The result of alit revision of the household voters is favourable to the Reform party. The Reformers have put on the Register 237 new votes, and have struck off the votes of 1,411 Tories; the Tories have struck off 193 Reformers, and have put en 268 of their own votes. The total advantage gained by the Reformers is 048 votes, that gained by the Tories is 461, and the comparative gain of the Reformers is 187."

In the Ipswich .Borough Registration Court, the name of Edward Felton Finch was expunged, on the ground of his havive been con- victed of bribery ; but that of Mr. Arthur Bott Cook %sue retained, be having purged himself by discovering and prosecuting to conviction another man who was guilty of the same offence as himself, namely, William Kettle.—Esser Herald.

It is currently reported that qui tam actions for bribery have been commenced, and the writs issued and served, on Mr. James Cunning. ham, King's Parade, Mr. William Harwood junior, and Mr. Charles Beck Widgery, of Bristol. It is also said that there are to be similar processes against other gentlemen, making in all nine writs.—Bristol Mirror.

A certain Doctor, a clergyman, whose Ultra-Radicalism has procured for him a most unenviable notoriety in London and elsewhere, on his tithe audit on Monday week took upon himself to lecture the wife of a yeoman named Greenslade, who had had sufficient independence to vote for the party he liked most at the late Devonshire election ; and which lecture the Doctor ended with saying, "Madam, if your husband don't vote as a Liberal at the next election, I will raise his tithes."— Comma and Devon Herald.

Mr. Roberts, of Bath, has recovered against a Tory objector to his vote, compensation for loss of time in attending to defend it. The decision was made in the Bath Court of Requests. Of the value of that decision, as an assertion on the part of the Commissioners of an equitable principle, there can be no doubt ; and Mr. ;Roberts is en. titled to much praise for thus exposing the use the wealthy classes make of the cumbrous machinery of the Reform Act. But we can-

not think, with the Chronicle, that " the precedent will be followed up elsewhere." There is no legal ground for the decision of the Bath Court of Requests, for the Reform Act expressly gives tut unlimited right of objection to votes.— True Sun.