28 OCTOBER 1837, Page 5

At the late Essex' Sessions, James Bainsley, a private in

the Fifty- first Regiment of Foot, was charged with robbing and attempting to stab the prosecutor, Francis Salmon, at Dovecourt. The prisoner was stopped by the prosecutor while he was making off with a bundle of linen, which be had stolen from the yard. He afterwards made a desperate plunge with his bayonet at the prosecutor's throat, but which did not take the desired effect. He then attacked two other persons with the same weapon, and made off, but was recognized at the barracks. He was sentenced to be transported for seven years.—Cliellediems Gazette.

John Jolly, a private belonging to the troops stationed at Wigan, has been fined five shillings, and the expenses, nine shillings, for drawing his bayonet on two of the policemen.—Bolton Free Press,

At Manchester, on Wednesday, John Kinnear, formerly of the house of Robertson, Tait, and Kinnear, of Glasgow, and three other persons, his accomplices, were charged with a variety of swindling transactions, of the same description as those of which Palmer, also one of the gang, was accused at Birmingham last week,—namely, the forging of bills of fictitious banks. The operations of these men were on a very large scale. They were remanded till yesterday, when it was expected they would be finally committed for trial. Kinnear is represented as a nian of unusual nerve and presence of mind.

At Liverpool, on Saturday, Darwell and the two Madeans were committed for trial, on the charge of defrauding Mr. Wostenholme, the cotton.broker. Property worth about 30001. has been recovered by Mr. Wostenholm e.

On Thursday week, Mr. W. Smith, of the firm of Helliwell and Smith, of Elland Upper Edge, lately bankrupts, was committed by

the Halifax Magistrates to York Castle, to take his trial at the next Assizes, on a charge of uttering a forged bill of exchange for 60/., and for forging the name of the drawer. The Magistrates allowed the prisoner to put in bail amounting to 4001.—Hull Packet.

On Thursday last, at Banbury Fair, some young ma went into a public house. when an altercation took place between them n and an old

man, an Irishman, who resides near the house. Spicer, one of the young men, pulled off his coat to fight the old man ; when one of his companions called out, " l'ut him on the fire, Tom !" on which the

monster seized the poor old creature round the waist and put him across the red. hot bars of the grate, and emptied a kettle of boiling water on his head and body. The miscreants then ran away. The old man was stripped, iind his body presented the most shocking spectacle. A warrant was obtained against Spicer, who was apprehended on Friday, and committed to the Castle to await the old man's.fitte, who is not likely to recover. —Leamingion Chronicle.

In consequence of the serious increase of crime, and the crywded state of Worcester County Goal, the Magistrates asseulled in Quarter- sessions resolved to press upon Lord John Russell the necessity of assenting to their previously written request to be permitted to enlarge the goal.— 11-orcestcr Journal.