28 OCTOBER 1837, Page 5


In our second edition last week, it was mentioned that Lord Clon. curry Isad replied to Mr. O'Connell's invitation to his Lordship to take the lead at a general meeting of Irish Members in Dublin, at the beginning of November. Lord Cloneurry takes no nntiee of the elec- tion petition-fund, or the other political topics in Mr. O'Connell's letter ; but dwells upon a provision for the poor, the formation of railways and canals, the Post-office and Admiralty charges, and other practical matters. This is not the strain which he was expected to hold ; and the Dublin Weekly Register observes- '. A Peer if Parliament may well be excused for not entering upon any matter trenching upon the debateable ground of the privileges of the Commons. But, without in any degree underrating the value of certain admiuisu alive reforms at which the noble lord glances, we are free to confess that they starsd like a wart to O.'S./ when compared with the vital questions of principle at stake. Irish equality is the great consideration to be struggled for, Orange dominatien the great evil to he wrestled with ; and while these hang in doubt upon the idance, we cannot claim the attention of Members of both Houses, together assembled, to the vast inequality in the prices charged by the Admirality for cabinleissages to Holyhead and Liverpool."

O'Connell himself has sent the following civil reply to Lord Clon- curry— " Darrvnane, 21st October 171..7. " My Lonl—I, for one, .,heetfully accept your invitation io tue; II Dublin from the 1st the Sill of November, ready to confer on the state of affairs interesting to Ireland. : cannot dotibt that you w ill Mid many °elms equally ready to meet you. I ha; the • oecting stilt certainly lake place. Every thing el•e may until then he stool; com- . milted to the .leep intetest which all the friends of Ireland must take in this .api;.:oach- ing seision. That :ession may terminate our present struggle; but that struggle Can only teratitude in our complete Elleee.51. "

You have doneevhI Ind wisely to introduce the suggestion of other topie besides

those 1 n;entioned—because it is tints manifest that nu nobleman or V1111,1;1411 UM collie to the Wooing tie get to any particular toe:mitre. They still CO. to de, in 2ratd :MO then decide, anti Lot merely to carry into eirCei "I hive the honour to be, ta) Lord, your Ltithful servant, " DANIEL OTONNFI.L."

The collection of the O'Connell Rent is to commence on the 1.2th of November.