28 OCTOBER 1837, Page 5

The ironmasters' quarterly meetings took place at the usual towns

last week, but were not marked by any particular change in the trade. Prices remain the same, and the demnrid is expected to be steady. The wages of the miners and others have been lately advanced 3d., and iii some cases 6d. per day.— Worcester Herald.

The accounts from the manufacturing districts are not very favour- able.

_Mr. Ramsbottom has disposed of the Windsor brewery to Mr. Neville Reid, son of the great London porter brewer of that name. The valuation of the stock alone amounted, we are told, to one hundred and forty thousand pounds.—Reading Mercury. On Frihy, the half-yearly general assembly of the company of pro- prietors of the Margate Pier and Harbour was held at the Toon-hall. It was announced, that 1,343 passengers more this year than the last had paid one shilling each ; and that a balance of 3,425L was now in the trea- surer's hands ; being a few pounds less than last year, arising from a falling- off in the duties upon coals. The steam-boat companies made an offer to run boats during the winter, at 6d. each passenger pier dues. The directors mean to take this proposition into their consideration.—Can- terbury Journal.