28 OCTOBER 1837, Page 6

A correspondent of the Chronicle having stated that the Queen

ins. ariediately recognized " honest Joseph flume" on the Brighton Pier, and "conversed with him in the most affable manner," the Post published a different account of the scene from an eye-witness- " Far from her Majesty conversing with Mr. Hume in a most affable man- ses, it was Mr. Hume who intruded himself first on the passage, at the mo- ment her Majesty stepped on the Pier-head; took off his hat, turd inquired of her Majesty how she was; to which our Mestimable Queen replied, still walk- ing, " Very well, very well," and passed on, accompanied by her august mother only, as far ori the Pier-bead,loohing over the wooden pallisade, in the direction of Captain Greville's yacht, which was sailing at that particular time around the Pier." Mr. Hums, al. P., is, it appears, one of the trustees under the will of the bite Duke of Kent, and also one of the directors of the Brighton Chain Pier Company; at which, during time late visit of her Majesty to that beautiful structure, he attended to receive the Royal visiter.— Globe.