28 OCTOBER 1837, Page 6

Lord Durham's last speech has attracted much attention in Paris.

The Journal des De'hats thinks the moderate language of this address, in which his Lordship condemns the unjustifiable demands of the Radical party, extremely remarkable in the mouth of a public man, who has hitherto been sup- posed likely to form part of the Government, as the representative of princi- ples fir more advanced than those of the present Ministry. The Journal de Paris considers Lord Durham's speech more especially remarkable, as it displays the noble lord's position in a new light, and exhibits him as having reentered within the pale of the Whigs, and having allied a Conservative spirit with the love of liberty. His Lordship's opinion with respect to the conditions which ehould precede an electoral reform, must, in the opinion of this journal, convince the Radicals of England of the necessity of transferring their hopee to another quarter, and must convince them of the im- possibility of forming a sort of tiers ;mini between themselves and the Whigs. The Commerce says, that Lord Durham's objection to a reform in the House of Lords is compensated by the Liberalism with which he expresses hie freedom from all appreheosion of the progress of Papist's.