28 OCTOBER 1837, Page 7

It is stated that the recent visit to Paris of

Colonel Moberly, Secre- tary of the Post-office, was to make arrangements with M. Leconte, Directeur- Generalde la Poste, to allow the free introduction to France of English pamphlets, and other monthly periodicals, on the payment of a trifling postage, and so rice versa; to which, it appears, the French Government has granted its sanction.—Globe.

There are at present four vacancies among the Royal Academicians, all of which have occurred within the year. Wilkins, who built the National Gallery, has been elected Professor of Architecture, in the room of the late Sir John Soane. The new Academicians will be chosen in February.—Standard. [Has " Wilkins" thou&- t seriously of turning his National Gallery into barracks?]

Mr. James Manning has been appointed Recorder of Oxford and Banbury ; Mr. Fortunatus Dwarris of Newcastle-under- Lyne ; and Mr. Richard Wildman succeeds Mr. Amos as Recorder of Nottingham.