28 OCTOBER 1837, Page 7



A Supplement Extraordinary to the Moniker of Thursday contains a series of despatches from General Vallee, from the 13th instant, when Constantino was taken, to the 17th; but no detailed report of the operations of the siege. A Toulon paper, however, gives several particulars. From the 6th to the 10;h, the weather was very unfa- vourable; and it was only on the 11th that the firing commenced. Ora the 12th, after the breach had become practicable, four assaults were made, but repulsed with the greatest bravery by the garrison. It was when reconnoitering the breach that General Damremont was cut in two by a cannon-ball. General Perregaux, while ordering the body of Damremont to be removed, was hit by a musket-ball, which carried away part of his nose. The brigade Nemours made the successful assault on the 13th; but on entering the city, it was found that every house was defended, and required a separate attack. The carnage was dreadful. The infuriated soldiery killed all who offered the slightest resistance. The official report mentions the loss of the French at 97 killed and 494 wounded ; among whom are 15 officers killed and 3f; wounded. Other accounts make the French loss amount to 1,000 killed and 1,500 wounded. Fifty-nine pieces of cannon were found in good order. Achmet Bey retired from his capital after the French troops entered, with 12,000 men; so that be is still formidable. The Temps, which is considered , Count Mole's organ, says that

orders have been sent to General Vallee to retain possession of Con- stantino; admitting at the same time, that the plan would involve a large outlay, as garrisons must be maintained at Bona and Constan- tino, and at least three intermediate stations or camps must be formed, garrisoned each with 2,000 or 3,000 men. The consent of the Chain- hers to this plan must be obtained before any thing is definitively settled ; and in the mean while, General Vallee has been named Gover- nor- General of the French possessions in the North of Africa. It is said that THIERS has been prevailed upon by the King and Prince TALLEYRAND to join the Moss: Ministry, without any stipula- tion as to the Spanish question. The negotiation was concluded at Valencay, where TRIERS has been visiting TALLEYRAND.