28 OCTOBER 1865, Page 1

Count Von Bismark has hurled another thunderbolt. Delegates from the

different Parliaments of Germany recently met in Frank- fort, to pass resolutions condemning the greater German Powers for absorbing Schleswig and Holstein, and appoint a permanent Committee of Thirty-six to watch over the Liberal cause in Ger- many. The resolutions came to nothing, the Prussian and Austrian delegates refusing to attend, but Count Von Bismark seized the opportunity to teach a free State its nothingness. On the 6th inst. he addressed a despatch tothe Prussian Envoyat Frank- fort, directing him to acquaint the Senate that such demonstrations must be prohibited under pain of "intervention." Two days after- wards Count Mensdorff followed suit, and the despatches, which in tone are abrupt to insolence, created the greatest excitement among the minor States. The Senate of Frankfort, after some days' delay, replied by a direct defiance, and an appeal to the Diet for aid in resisting an attack on its independence. This display of inde- pendence has given new offence both at Berlin and Vienna, but the powers content themselves as yet by an application to the Diet, the only legal arbiter in inter-German quarrels.