28 OCTOBER 1865, Page 1

Monsignor Merode, Papal Minister of War, has been dismissed. The

Pope, long displeased with his dishevelled vehemence of action and manner, discovered that he had overdrawn his account as Minis- ter of War by 20,000 crowns, called the act a theft, and sent Car- dinal Antonelli to advise his resignation. Mgr. Merode, who is a very violent man as well as a furious fanatic, went into such a passion of rage that he knocked his head against the wall, and had to be carried away to bed. On his recovery he agreed to resign, then declared that the Pope should dismiss him, but finally published his resignation, on the ground of ill health, to the Papal army. It is understood that most of the foreign officers will resign, as they have confidence only in Merode, who has expended the bulk of a large fortune in assisting the Papal Treasury. He was a bad, violent person, a deadly foe to freedom, and a strenuous supporter of brigandage, but it is hard to avoid pity for his fall, or to avoid speculating whether he still believes his petulant master to be infallible. His departure is a sore blow to the Neri, who are rapidly discovering that resignation is the highest of Christian virtues.