28 OCTOBER 1865, Page 1

The Clubs have been full of rumours of coming changes

in the Ministry, but nothing will be certainly known till Monday, when the programme will have been submitted to the Queen. It is believed that the mot d'ordre of the Liberal lenders is for the moment "the least change possible," but this resolve, discussed in another column, may at the last moment be abandoned. Lord Clarendon, it is understood, will take the Foreign Office ; there is the Duchy of Lancaster to fill up, and it is nearly certain that Ireland, exasperated by the promotion of the author of the Dur- ham letter, will endure Sir Robert Peel no longer. Two vacan- cies therefore would exist, and it is a common guess that Mr. Chichester Fortescue will be promoted, and the Under- Secretaryship for the Colonies and the Duchy be filled up by out- siders. The Irish members have, it is said, given the Premier a strong hint that they expect-to see an Irishman in the Cabinet, which at present does not contain one, but the Government can no more accept a Minister because of his place of birth than it could reject one for the same reason. In the country there appears a general deadness of feeling on the subject, and no one name has been advocated with any earnestness or zeal.