28 OCTOBER 1865, Page 2

It appears that we, and the whole press, were wrong

in stating last week that the Alabama Convention had refused to admit negro evidence in the civil courts. On the contrary, it admitted their evidence pro tempore till the Legislature should settle the matter their own way. In almost all the re-organized Southern States, however, a majority of the deputies to the State Legislatures are pledged against admitting negro evidence. Even in the North the only vote really favourable to the negro as yet is that of Iowa, which has returned a majority of republican candidates pledged to the principle of negro suffrage. Indiana has returned repub- licans, but republicans pledged to support the President, and against negro suffrage. In Ohio also the republicans have won, but the "platform" was silent on negro suffrage, and the Governor elect has spoken strongly against it. Massachusetts, of course always foremost in intellectual and moral questions, will give a large majority for negro suffrage, but as yet the North prefers to give all the power to the ignorant white man, who hates the Free States, and to deny it to the ignorant black man, who loves them.