28 OCTOBER 1865, Page 2

The Emperor of the French has an opportunity of acquiring

another colony. Radama IL, of Madagascar, granted a French- man named Lambert certain contracts, or rather monopolies, which on the accession of the Queen after his murder were arbitra- rily taken away. The French Government demanded compensation to the amount of 36,0001., which was granted, but on the money

arriving, in the capital the populace rose and prohibited the pay- ! ment. It has not therefore been paid, and France lies an excuse Ifor landing.troops, of whiekthe Emperor migha under other cir- cumstances have availed himself. The islandi, if it could b3 thoroughly subjugated, would be a magnificent :possession, a semi- tropical England ; but the forests are d6use; the fevers terrible, and the reigning clan—the Horse—not disinclined to be killed. Conquest would occupy fifty thousand Frenchmen five years.