28 OCTOBER 1865, Page 2

The last mail from New Zealand brings sad news of

the spread of the half-political, half-religious frenzy known as Hau-Hauism, or Pai Marireism, among the native tribes of the northern island. The converts to the new faith are showing their faith by their works of treachery and murder. At Whakatane, a place in the Bay of Plenty, a party of Maories, after being entertained at breakfast on a coasting cutter with seven Europeans on board, at a given signal proceeded to murder their hosts, and having killed three of them, plundered and burnt the vessel, carrying off the remain- ing four as prisoners. On the very opposite side of the island a lieutenant in the 50th Regiment has been shot whilst out on a sporting expedition. The colonial militia have by a successful twelve days' defence of Pipiriki added fresh laurels to those won by their successful occupation of the Weraroa Pah. The Imperial forces, having delegated the work of fighting to the colonial levies, are employing themselves in disreputable squabbles with the Colonial Ministry, with Sir George Grey, with their late opponents, and lastly, with their present representatives in the work of fighting.