28 OCTOBER 1865, Page 3

The Patrie says a despatch was received by the French

Govern- ment complaining of a levy of troops in Egypt for service in Mexico, but it contained no menaces. The Times is quite proud of this confirmation of its story, though to others it will seem no -confirmation at all, the point of the statement being the threat. The truth would seem to be, that the American Government -warned that of France that the importation of negro troops into Mexico would greatly increase the difficulty of resisting the pres- sure of opinion—an act of friendliness, not of menace. The Jude- pendance Beige says that Napoleon had resolved to recall the French army, but that the Emperor Maximilian threatened if any Convention of September were pressed upon him to resign. Juarez is said to have fled across the Rio Grande into Texas, but the statement needs confirmation.