28 OCTOBER 1865, Page 3

The refractory Guardians of Bermondsey have yielded, and will try

to carry out the Houseless Poor Act. They, however, dislike it as much as ever, and so do the Guardians of Marylebone, who have obeyed it for some time. They complain that the number of casuals destroys the possibility of discipline, and that they tear up their clothes, trading upon parochial modesty. It is alleged that the workhouse authoriti es, in their dislike of the Act, have relaxed or withdrawn the labour-test, and that they give the refractory decent clothes, instead of sacking or canvas, but it is probable that there is some want of discipline. Could not the monitorial system be introduced, and 5 or 6 per cent. of the strongest casuals promised a little beer on condition of maintaining the internal police of the establishment? The compulsory bath, which the Guardians of Bermondsey want to introduce, falls too heavily on the aged, but an hour's steady work might surely be -obtained from every male applicant, though the refuges demand more.