28 OCTOBER 1955, Page 7

A CORRESPONDENT WRITES to suggest that I direct some pene-

trating rays upon the advertising methods of the BBC. He objects especially, and I'm bound to say that I agree with him, to the incessant free advertising of 'minor film-stars who have just helped to make a film and come prepared with all the answers to all those questions designed to give it a good puff; sopranos just arrived from Terra Incognita and eager to exhibit their well-known tremolo voices and girlish charms; authors not yet well known but who are doing their best to look cele- brated; and "artists" whom you may meet this summer on any seaside beach.' But the really fascinating question is how the BBC gets hold of them. Do scouts meet every train and plane from abroad and accost passengers with, 'Excuse me, but are You anyone in particular?' Or can it be 'true that they are supplied by an agency in response to urgent requests? 'Please Supply doz. cheap line celebrities stop 3 male stop 3 female stop Sat. night.' Anyhow, I heartily agree that if the BBC must Puff something, a breakfast food would be better.