28 SEPTEMBER 1844, Page 11



The business of the English Funds has not been of any importance; hut prices have improved about A per cent, the closing quotations of Consuls today being 99A 100 for Money and 100A for Account. Bank Stock continues to improve, and notwithstanding the great recent advance, has during the week risen 2 per cent, viz. to 209i. India Stock also has improved, and was yester- day quoted at 287A and 288A. There has been an unusual demand for money; and loans, upon the security both of English and Foreign Funds, have been in request, at 3, 4, and even 5 per cent. The pressure has been the greatest in the Foreign Stock Market ; where, in consequence of the settle- ment of the half-monthly account, the demand for money was today very great. The rate of' commercial discount has also improved about 1 per cent. it is stated that the Bank of England refused to renew some large loans, which had previously been made at 14 per cent, and the maturity of which arrived a few days ago, under 2A per cent, and that the borrowers were ulti- mately compelled to pay the higher rate of interest. Much of this pressure may be attributable to the approaching close of the quarter, when the balances accumulating in the hands of the receivers of the revenue become payable into the Exchequer, and are thus temporarily withdrawn from circulation until their reissue to the public in payment of the Dividends. It must, however, be evident from the comparative scarcity of money in the Stock Exchange, ;hat capitalists are unwilling to peril their capital upon many descriptions of pro- perty which are there called securities. The Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt have given notice of the publication of some additional Annuity-tables. The present tables, under which Life and other Terminable Annuities are purchased, are only operative when the price of Three per Cent Stock shall be under 100/. 16s. 10d. per cent exclusive of the Dividends : if the recent improvement in the price of Public Securities were carried much further, it would have gone be- yond the highest value for which the tables are calculated. Two new.sets of tables have therefore been prepared, by which the value of Annuities upon single lives for terms of years may be determined as long as the price of Three per Cent Stock (excluding the Dividend) shall be below 104/. lb. 3d. The business of the Foreign Stock Market has been more extensive than usual ; and speculation, which till recently was almost entirely confined to Railway Shares, has been more directed to Foreign Bonds. Brazilian Stock has risen to the extraordinary quotation of 90, on the prevalence of a report of the conclusion of a commercial treaty between this country and the Brazils. Portuguese Bonds have also improved to 48A, being a rise of nearly 2 per cent ; and are in good demand within a trifle of the highest quotation. Spanish Stock has also advanced, and the market for it evinced great firmness; but the quotations have gone back about per cent—closing today, however, nearly A per cent in advance upon our last. Mexican has not fluctuated materially. Columbian Bonds were in good demand yesterday, at prices from to A per cent in advance, in consequence of an influential purchase ; but have rather fallen back today. There is no material change in Dutch, or the other North- ern European Bonds: these Stocks, however, are gradually improving, iu con- sequence of the favourable appearance of the English Funds. The business in Railway Shares has been unusually extensive. Several new undertakings, both French and English, have made their appearance, and have generally been received with favour ; the Shares in most cases realizing small premiums immediately upon being issued. The principal change la, the more important lines has been a decline of between 2/. and 3/, in the Great Western, and a rise of about 5/. in Birmingham.


The English Funds are firmer this morning, Congas having been at 100i, at which price a purchase of 50,000/. for Account occurred. This and another extensive purchase by the Government-broker are, however, the only bargains of importance. We have no quotations of either Bank or India Stock today. In the Foreign Market prices are nearly as yesterday, with but little business occurring.

Sierusomr, Two o'czocx.

The Consol Market closes firmly at the advanced prices of the morning ; the price for Money being 100% %. and for Account, 100% %. India Stock has been done at 289%, and Bank Stock at 208%. No material change in the Foreign Market.

The following bargains have occurred in Shares since the morning ; the market being rather firmer for the lesser varieties : Railways—Birmingham and Gloucester, 107 8 7; Bristol and Gloucester, 47; Chester and Holyhead, 6% %; Eastern Counties, 13% % ; Blackwell, 6% 4 ; Brighton, 46% %; South- western, 75% f; Croydon, 16%; Manchester and Leeds, 120% : Manchester and Birmingham, 50%; South-eastern and Dover, 38%; York, (Direct,) 3%; Paris and Rouen, 381 : Santiago de Cuba, (Mining,) 24%: Banks—British North America, 44; London Joint Stock Bank, 13%.

3 per Cent Consols

1004 i Colombian ex Venezuela.... 141 Ditto for Account

1004 } Danish 3 per Cents 89 91 3 per Cent Reduced


Dutch 2% per Cents 624 4

34 per Cent Ditto

shut Ditto 5 per Cents 1001 I New 34 per Cents


MvEleau 5 per Cents 374

Bank Stock

20} Ditto Deferred 154 16 I Exchequer Bills prem. 74 6 Portuguese New 5 ri.Cts.1841. 474 84 India Stock

2894 Russian 5 per Cents... ex d. 119 20

Brazilian 5 per Cents

89 91 Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents 24 I Belgian 5 per Cents

104 5 Ditto 3 per Cents 1442 354 : Chilian 6 per Cents

102 3 Venezuela Active 42 The monthly statement of the Country Bank-note circulation, for the four weeks ending on the 14th instant, has been published, and exhibits a decrease, as compared with the last statement, of 172,597/. From the altered way of stating the accounts of the Bank of England, we can only take the average circulation of that establishment for the two weeks ending on the 14th instant, wkich shows a decrease of 1.951,5351. ; making altogether a decrease of 2,124,132/. in the gross circulation of the country.

The Share Market is not so active or business so general as usual ; most of the dealers and brokers being engaged in squaring their books preparatory to the settlement of the Account in the York Shares, which is fixed for Monday, and in which very extensive bargains are to be arranged. We have to notice the following bargains. Great Western, Half-shares, 86%; Birmingham, 218 19 217%; South-western, Eighth-shares, 2% ; Croydon, 16% ; Manchester and Leeds, 120%; Ditto, Half-shares. 51% 2; Midland, 107; York and North Midland, Half-shares, 51; Ditto and Selby, Scrip, 35 4% 5% ; York, (Direct,) 4% 4 h; Paris and Orleans, 38%; Paris and Rouen, 38%; Central Railway of France, 3*.