28 SEPTEMBER 1844, Page 11

The Leeds Intelligencer of this day reports a meeting which

consisted of subscribers to the Ripon Society for Promoting the Increase of Church-accommodation, and of the Ripon Diocesan Board of Education, held on Monday ; at which Lord Wharncliffe made a long statement in explanation of the purposes and mode of administering the Parliamentary grant for education ; as it had been misrepresented. He pointed out the necessity of ascertaining that the grant is really devoted to its proper objects ; for which purpose Inspectors have been appointed over the schools of the National Society as well as others ; but the Government have not the smallest wish to oust the clergy from the charge of educating their flocks. The Dissenters pay taxes, and have a right to share in the Parliamentary grant. The British and Foreign Society, however, con- ceived the idea that a School Inspector desired to disparage their me- thod of education ; and they asked, as security against undue meddling, that they might take their portion of the grant on the understanding that they might return the money should an Inspector be appointed in whom they could not place confidence ? The Education Committee of the Privy Council assented to that as just ; but from no desire to show peculiar favour to the Society. The yearly grant is at present 40,0001.; but he was satisfied that if the system worked well the amount would be increased.