28 SEPTEMBER 1844, Page 12



On the 26th June, at Bhooj, in the Bombay Presidency, the Wife of Major SzcsrrrNa- SON Pooxx. of a daughter.

On the 19th September. at Swynnerton Park, Stone, Staffordshire, the Hon. Mrs. RICHARD CAVENDISH, of a daughter.

On the 20th at Sligo. Ireland, the Wife of Captain WALDRON B. KELLY, her Majesty's "Twenty-second Regiment, of a stet. On the 215t. in Berkeley Square, the Lady of SYDNEY SMIRICE, Esq., of a son. On the 215t. in Woburn Place, the Lady of WILLIAM ATHERTON, Esq., Barrister-at- Law, of a daughter.

On the 22d, at the Rectory, Fledborough, Notts, the Lady of the Rev. Anaus-rus Frrzernxtn. of a son.

On the 241h, in Grosvenor Square. the Hon. Mrs. CHARLES STANLEY, of a daughter. On the 25th, in Connaught Square, the Wife of Commander J. G. Dicx, R.N., of a daughter. On the 26th, in St. James's Place, the Wife of WILLIAM Carers. Esq., M.P., of a son. On the 2t h, in York Street, Covent Garden. Mrs. HENRY G. Boum, of a daughter. MARRIAGES.

On the 20th June, at the Cathedral, Calcutta, Captain R. N. MACLEAN, Second Grenadiers, A.D.C. to the Right Hon. the Governor-General, to Floes ANNE, eldest daughter of Major-General W. R. GILBERT. On the 1st August, at St. Andrew's, Jamaica, DAVID TURNBULL, Esq., Her Majesty's Judge of the Court of Mixed Commission, to ALICE, daughter of the late JOHN MUSSON, Esq., of Paynter Vale, Bermuda. On the 21st September, at West Hoathley, Sussex, DAVID JENNINGS, eldest son of the late David Jennings, Esq., of Fenchurclr Street, London. and of HawkIturst. Kent. to MARIA, third daughter of Jonsr TURNER, Esq., of Gravetye Manor, West Hoathley, Sussex.

On the 24th, at Fitton. Gloucestershire, the Rev. Lord WILLIAM SOMERSET, Canon of Bristol, to FRANCES, widow of the late CORNELIUS O'Cam-tem.tar, Esq., of Bolivia. Mach, County Clare. On the 24th, at the Chapel of St. Mark's College, Chelsea, the Rev. Rood.!. Wrapr EDGELL, Rector of North Cray, Kent, second son of E. W. Edgell, Esq.. of Milton Place, Surrey, to the Hon. HENHIETIA OTWAY CAVE, Youngest daughter of the Baroness Braye and the late Henry Otway, Esq., of Stanford Hall. Leicestershire. On the 24th, at the Parish Church, St. Marylebone, HENRY TUFNELL, M.P., to the Hon. FRANCES BENG, second daughter of General Lord &mu-0rd, G.C.B., and niece tn G. Bynu. Esq., M.P. for Middlesex. On the 24th. Captain W. B. SUCKLING, R.N.. of }Bellwood Lodge, Romsey, Hants. to ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of the late Joust BARRY, Esq., of Montague Street, Russell Square. On the 26th. at the Roman Catholic Chapel, St. George's Fields. and subsequently at St. James's Church. St. James's, GEORGE FORBES, E.,,q , of her Majesty's Third Light Dragoons, son of Colonel Forbes, to Emu JOANNA, eldest daughter of RICHARD KEMP. Esq., of 6, Cleveland Row, St: James's, and of New Ross. county Wexford, Ireland.

On the 26th. at Steeple Ashton, BEAM EDWARD, son of BALDWIN DUPPA DUPPA, Esq., of Hollinbodrue House, Kent, to MARY ANNE CATHERINE, eldest daughter of WALTER Lox*, Esq., of Rood Ashton, M.P. for the county of Wilts.


On the 1st July. at Hyderabad. Sciude. Capt LEWIS HALLIDAY, Eighty-sixth Regiment. On the 10th September, at Aspley House, in Bedfordshire, enatuarrre, relict of the Rev. EDWARD ORLEBAR SNIITEI. Rector of Holcutt ; in her 91d year. On the 171h, at Sbandwiek Place, Edinburgh, MARGARET, daughter of the late Sir WILLIAM HoNYMAN, Bart., of Armadale and Graemsay.

On the 18th, at Dublin, Mr. 5.8. Batta, late of the Theatres Royal Drury Lane and Covent Garden ; in his 46th year.

On the 19th, RI DOVE% Major CHARLES BATLLIE BRISBANE, late of her Majesty's Thirty-fourth Regiment, eldest son of the late Admiral Sir Charles Brisbane, K.C.B Governor of St. Vincent.

On the 19th, at Vevey, Conlon de Vaud, Switzerland, NATNAN DUNN, Esq., the pro- prietor of the Chinese Collection, and late of Philadelphia. On the 20111, in Park Lane, LUCY ELI:sorra Countess Dowager of BRADFORD; in her 78th year. On the 21st. at Richmond Hill, Captain Marro:sr Sarra, R.N. ; in his 76th year. On the 220, at Leyton. Essex. Mrs. MAGDALEN DAURITZ ; in her 91st year.

Ou the 234. Lady ELLEN, Wife of T. W. Pass, EA., of Shirborn Lodge, Oxford- shire, and daughter of the Earl of Macclesfield. On the 26th. at Lyndhurst Place. Peckham, Mrs. Gtr:; in her 920 year.. Lately, Lady Horns ; in her 70th year.