28 SEPTEMBER 1844, Page 12


&mans,: Monturro_—Anarvx n—In the Downs, 26th September, Frankland. Christie. from Batavia. Off Penzance, 25th. Thetis, Roche, from Calcutta. At Bristol, 25th. Mary Imrie. Boyd, from ditto. At Liverpool, 261h, John Wood, Rose. from ditto. Off Kinsale, LOth. Cann de Lion. Kendall, from ditto. At St Helena. previous to 7th Aug., Brahmin, M'Arthur, from China; Courier, Burke ; Prince of Waterloo, Elder ; War- lock, Bell ; and Pearl. Burrows, from Calcutta ; and Corea. Kerr. from Bombay.

SAILED—From Gravesend. 25th Sept. Lady Flora. Jewell, for Madras ; and 26th, 'Windsor. Purnell. fur Calcutta. From Liverpool, 20th. Mary Sommerville. Johnson. for Calcutta ; 21st, Gardner, Cole, for Ditto ; and Murray, Hughes, for Bombay ; 22d, Lucius, Seollay ; and Imaum of Muscat. Riches, for Ditto ; and 24th, James Tur- een, Tureen. for Ditto.