28 SEPTEMBER 1872, Page 3

Prince Bismarck seems to have plunged finally into the contest

with the Roman Catholic Church in Prussia,—at least if it be true, as was asserted yesterday, that he has decided to with- draw the Bishop of Ermeland's State income because he will not express his regret for having excommunicated a priest without the leave of the State. This policy must of course end in disestablishing the Romanists of Prussia, and where will Prince Bismarck be then? Just where we have been for generations past in Ireland, with anything but healthy results. The truth is, Prince Bismarck is now acting under the impulse of a very un- statesmanlike party, and probably acting very reluctantly under that impulse, because he must have their support or none. Prince Bismarck is in a cul-de-sac, where there is no turning.