28 SEPTEMBER 1889, Page 22

_Eris and Connie's Cruise in the South Pacific. By C.

F. de M. Malan, R.N. (Sampson Low and Co.)—Eris and Connie are a boy and girl who live with an uncle in Burwood, a suburb of Sydney, and whom he takes on a cruise among the islands of the South Pacific. In the Sparkling Wave' (this is the name of the brig in which they sail), they have many adventures, see many sights, and hear a few yarns. Of course the Sparkling Wave' is wrecked—that is the necessary penalty of carrying a hero and heroine—but nobody is the worse for it, not the captain, nor the passengers, who have a very interesting time on the island on which they land, and scarcely even the -brig, which is recovered and sold " for a very satisfactory figure." A pleasant book this, with plenty of information about the characteristics of these islands, their inhabitants, fauna, flora, &c.