28 SEPTEMBER 1929, Page 13


The report that Paul Robeson, the American coloured actor, is to appear as Othello in England recalls that another member of his race, R. Henri Strange, achieved success in this role in the United States about thirty years ago. Strange played not only Othello, but other Shakespearean parts, including Shylock, to audiences mainly of his own race. Earlier still Edmund Kean, touring America, discovered a negro actor, Ira Aldridge, " The African Roscius," whose career in Europe and America is recalled with great pride by American Negroes to-day. Aldridge acted Othello in London at the age of twenty-two, and subsequently toured Europe and America with an extensive repertoire. The National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People has collected $1,000 toward a chair in his honour at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre of Stmtford-on-Ai'on.

New York.