28 SEPTEMBER 1929, Page 15


It was a definite part of the original policy of the Garden Cities that they should be more or less self-supporting. Good gardens and an agricultural belt were to supply direct to the community a good portion of their needs. It is a melancholy fact that in the latest and probably best of the Garden Cities, built on agricultural land by Welwyn in Hertfordshire, the " agricultural belt " has more or less gone by the board. It looked delightful in theory and on the original plans ; but the builders were too strong, and broke it. At the same time, something survives. The semi-communal store is or was one. of the few places where• a loaf made of fresh English flour could be bought ; and most delicious it was. The ideal is not surrendered ; and as the population grows, a system of direct supply from cireumferential gardens and farms is likely to be established, to_ the common advantage of pro- ducer and consumer.