28 SEPTEMBER 1929, Page 15


A mystery, more remarkable than the fly in amber or the toad in the granite, has been announced in the Spectator by the Rector of St. Andrew's, Holborn. His garden is by Holborn Circus. It is " ribbed and paled in " by houses and streets that the liveliest and most athletic animal would scarcely cross. Yet he found there that least mobile of mammals, a mole ! I have found worms in a rook's nest high up in an elm and fish in a temporary pond. Rushes appeared in my garden six months after a temporary flood. I believe I was the first person to make a census of the extraordinary variety of plants that appeared in the waste places of Kingsway. Perhaps an experience in this last reference may help to explain the mole. The census had hardly been published before ingenious people took to scattering packets of seeds in the Kingsway patch ; and the marvel soon became a super-marvel, till one of the sowers confessed. The only explanation that I can suggest for the dead mole at Holborn Circus is that someone put it there. At the same time I would register an experience of moles travelling quite a good distance above ground.