28 SEPTEMBER 1929, Page 18


SPECTATOR.] am interested in an editorial from the New York Herald Tribune of August 25th, " Fur Without Traps," which mentions the efforts you are making to promote the use of humanely- killed furs. For several years I have been trying to find out where coats trimmed with artificial furs or furs humanely secured could be purchased. Clerks in stores have no informa- tion regarding the furs they sell, and apparently they have almost no understanding of what one means by humanel; killed fur, nor any sympathy with the idea.

I have written to fur farms but they cannot tell what dealers handle their products. I have written to fur brokers and they are most indignant at any suggestion of customers asking for humanely-taken furs ; they call this a boycott. Is it not true that if only farm-raised furs were used it would take away in whole or part the living of a great many trappers ? Are the efforts at all practicable which are being made by humane associations and some fur organizations to promote invention of humane traps ?

It seems rather unnecessary to bother you with this letter, yet every little push in the right direction is worth while, and there are so few who pay any attention to the subject that it may not be entirely useless to send congratulations, and good wishes for the success of the efforts of those who are in a position to do so much.—I am, Sir, &c.,

(Miss) G. S. DAVIS. 57 Beacon Street, Beacon, N.Y., U.S.A.

[The writer of this letter points out the chief difficulty which confronts those who are endeavouring to obtain humanely-killed furs. The big stores, if they liked, could help on the cause by selling furs from fur farms where humane methods are in use. It was to encourage the big stores to take the matter up that the SPECTATOR has repeatedly made the offer to give a free page advertisement in any one issue to the firm which is the first to obtain and sell as such furs from humanely killed animals. We fear that progress will be slow at the outset, but every woman could help by asking her usual supplier if he supplied humanely-killed furs and if not why not.—En. Spectator.]