29 APRIL 1865, Page 19

Hymns on the Litany. By A. C. (J. H. and

J. Parker.)—If we- were to mention the best of these hymns we should name No. 5. It pre- serves more of that sombre tone which marks the Litany. The smooth- flowing metres which A. C. is fond of are too epicurean in their senti- ment. No. 13 begins :—

"Like a harp that with music is always thrilling, Touched by a master hand tender and fond ; Like melody ever unmarred and unbroken, That breathes of the choristers' notes beyond.'

Whom will these strains remind of the solemn prayer, "That it may please Thee to give us an heart to love and dread Thee, and diligently to live after Thy commandments?" Yet it suggested his anaprests to A. 0.