29 APRIL 1865, Page 2

The Fishmongers' Company on Wednesday gave a great dinner to

Messrs. Galt and Cartier, the Canadian Ministers who have visited England to arrange with Her Majesty's Government the terms of Confederation. Both made speeches on behalf of their cause. Mr. Cartier, as a French Canadian, told his hearers that Canada looked with " horror " on annexation, and that she would not raise the funds for defence by additional duties on imports. Mr. Galt, as an Elg,lish Canadian, offered a warm tribute to the merits of Mr. Lincoln, and affirmed that the Confederation would diminish, not increase, the burden upon Great Britain. Both speakers seemed to assume that the adherence of the maritime colonies was an essential element in the plan, and neither offered the faintest suggestion of a plan by which adhesion could be secured. The tone of their speeches was pleasant to Englishmen, but as we are all already convinced, arguments should be addressed to the recalcitrant provinces.