29 APRIL 1955, Page 14


Usefulness of Light

Stirred by the wind's long spoon the snow for one whole day spins down. The sky comes clean. Colour is here to stay.

Night circles past. Again light stirs. The sun bangs down. Again the world comes clean. The sun speaks to the town.

The sun bangs down its rays like coins to buy the earth. The wind's long spoon is poised. Something is brought to birth.

Love is the something, since this is what love demands : the leap across the fence, knowledge in the hands : demands we should come clean letting the sun bang down

where, stirred by love's long spoon our hearts go round.

That clarity is love, knowledge that came to stay when the long wind drove the heart's bad fog away was love, was the different thing we saw in the banged light; the world where colour is king and love is a name for sight.